March 20, 2020

Everyone is talking about and responding to the current health threat that we all face.  I believe in giving parents and students as much information as I can, so that they can make sound decisions regarding their health and safety.

On March 19, I received an email from the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Order of the Health Officer.  The purpose of the email was to define and restrict public and private gatherings to control the further spread of COVID-19, and to protect those vulnerable.

However, there were 23 categories of Essential Businesses that were listed as Exempt from the order.

Among those exempt categories were:

 (Item J) Educational institutions,(including public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities) for the purposes of facilitating distance learning or performing essential functions, providing that social distancing of 6 feet per person is maintained to the greatest extent possible;

Also included:

(Item V) Childcare facilities providing services that enable employees exempted from the order, as permitted. It limits children to groups of no more than 12, not 10, per classroom space.

Our school has fewer than 7 per classroom space.  In addition, disinfectant spray and cleaners are used throughout the day for the safety of students and staff.  Students are being kept a safe distance apart, and are supervised in thorough hand washing.

We are taking these measures to assure parents that choose to send their children to school can do so with peace and assurance and in the interest of the safety of our students and staff.

For a full copy of the six-page Public Health Document, please request it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..