Carson Christian School, established in 1983, has been one of the most successful schools in the Southland. It is aligned with the State and Common Core Standards and offers General Track and rigorous Scholars Track programs.

It is an individualized, 'no fail' program, allowing students to start at any time and work at their own level to master material, without being in competition with each other.  Teachers have no need to grade 'on a curve'.  The learning process here contains a safety net, so there are no D's or F's. Included is the opportunity for credit recovery.

The emphasis is placed on genuine mastery, rather than social promotions.  In the early grades, Phonics are introduced, producing a turnout of good readers.

Our highly qualified staff persons are selected for their teaching knowledge and their dedication to education and Biblical principles.

We also offer:
Responsibility Training
Educational and Recreational Field Trips
Organized League Sports
Work Scholarships when available

Uniforms are:

  • Pants/skirts: Navy blue or black (jeans are allowed)
  • Shirts/tops: White, light blue, navy blue, or black
  • Friday uniform (for P. E.): Gray sweats

    Free healthy lunches and snacks are served daily.  Students may also bring lunch from home if they choose.